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Positive Grid Bias FX2 Demo Videos

Updated: Aug 22

Here are my play through videos of the raw amps included in Positive Grid Bias FX2 Professional. Don't forget to subscribe on my YouTube channel!

Here are just the bass amps with no tweaking and minimal talking.

Next the hi-gain amp only with no added effects or tweaking so you can hear what just the amps sound like.

And finally, the low-gain and crunch amps. Same thing with just a few riffs and no effects or tweaking. You only hear the amps and my guitar through my interface.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and maybe it will help you decide if Bias FX2 is right for you. You can purchase it here: https://bit.ly/3fAPc6z

Disclaimer: I would receive a small commission if a purchase is made through the link above.

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