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Updated: Jul 28

Here are some of my vocal tracks from my YouTube channel, Music & Recording. Don't forget to Subscribe and turn on notifications!

Here is a song I wrote called You Say that was influenced by the Beatles. Not trying to sound like them as I don't think I really could if I tried. I just love vocal harmonies and the light sounding melodies that Paul McCartney came up with all the time. So I went for that in this song.

I wrote this song called Stars Falling some years ago and did this lyric video recently. It has a nice catchy vibe that reminds me of the Beatles a little too, especially the lead guitar. Let's just say it's influenced by them since they have always been my favorite band.

Here is one of my latest vocal tracks called I Can See, that features the amazing Katie Burke singing. She just blew me away with her dynamics and energy. I had the video made for me that I thought fit the mood very well. This one could be considered southern rock, at least in the vibe, and it's on the heavy side. Enjoy!

To hear more from Katie Burke visit her website at: http://kateburkeaf.com

More to come...stay tuned!

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