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Lofi Hip Hop and Jazz Hop from my other YouTube Channel "Relaxing Sounds and Music"

My new YouTube channel features relaxing rain sounds for sleeping and also Lofi music that I wrote. Subscribe at Relaxing Sounds and Music!

The first track is called Peaceful Solitude which features guitar and a mellow organ to compliment it.

I hope you enjoy it!

Next is called The Place I Go and it features the guitar again in a nice warm jazz tone. It takes you to another peaceful place to daydream. Photo by James Wheeler.

Almost Home gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you visit a family member or a friend you are close with. They make you a cup of coffee and you sit by the fire and chat for a while.

Another Lo-fi track of mine called Morning Coffee has more of a Jazz Hop feel I would say. It features the guitar again and let's you relax as you look out the window while sipping that cup of coffee!

Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more at Relaxing Sounds and Music!

All photos are credited in each video description on YouTube.

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