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Instrumental Metal Tracks from my YouTube Channel!

Updated: 3 days ago

Here are a few of my latest instrumental metal tracks. Don't forget to subscribe on my YouTube channel!

This track is called Memories Fade and has a bit of a dreamy sound in the middle with clean guitars. I hope you enjoy it!

This one is called Transporter-X because I used a green screen to change backgrounds throughout the track. It gives it the illusion that I am "transporting" to different locations. I featured the bass guitar on this one. Enjoy!

This is the latest video and track I finished is called Nebula of the Mind. As usual it's not extremely heavy and adds a synth for a bit of a progressive sound. I featured the bass again on this.

Here is another metal instrumental that I was going for a Djent-like sound. Not trying to be authentic, it just has a bit of the vibe going on. I called this "Insanity Happens".

Stay tuned for more to come!

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